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Keeping The Customer Satisfied – Achieve High Customer Retention Levels

Running an online business is no different to having a chain of stores on the high street – your best customers are always your existing customers. People that have purchased from you before know how good you are, know your service levels and more importantly know you. As long as you ticked all of these boxes with a big green tick and your prices are well levelled against your competition, these are the kind of customers you should hold on to and existing customers are the easiest to sell to in the future. Continue Reading…

5 Top Interactive Tools Your Website Should Have To Improve Visitor Retentions And Returns

One of the very true sayings in the Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design world is that to get the visitor to your site is one thing, to keep them coming back time and time again is another. Keeping visitors coming back to your site is vital, especially if you are selling products that can be purchased multiple times or if you are offering a subscription based service that relies on people paying money to keep coming back. Continue Reading…

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