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Top Five Things To Do When You Launch Your Website

Launching a new website for many people is a really exciting time, usually the completion of many months of designing, managing and then finally testing, ready for your new found fame on the Internet. Sadly, getting people to actually see your site is the hardest thing you will face when it comes to online success, but there are certain things you can do to get things moving in the right direction when you have launched your new site. Continue Reading…

Church School Awards Website

Church School AwardsThe Church School Awards is a new event, launching September 2010, open to all Church Schools, promoting the fantastic and vital work done in the areas of community cohesion and global citizenship. The Award is an opportunity for everyone involved in Christian education to celebrate the unique and vital work that students, teachers, governors and staff do for their local communities, for our country and throughout the world.

Net9design produced the logos, website design  and developed the site in WordPress CMS. The site has a full membership system for user to register, and send thier application for the Church School Awards.

Visit the Church School Awards website – Here

Church School AwardsChurch School Awards Website

Top Ten Things To Test Before Your Website Goes Live

When you are ready to launch your new website it is vital you spend time testing the final results, even if you have made it yourself or have paid a lot of money for it. Things do go wrong when you go from testing and building to live, so you have to take the time to sit down and test the site in full, asking friends, family and anyone else to also test the site before it gets indexed or advertised. Continue Reading…

How To Choose The Right Web Design Company For You

Excellent Web design Company Net9design Taking the step of employing a web design company to design your new website can sometimes be a daunting one, especially with hundreds of web design firms in any one area or radius to choose from. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research and make sure the company you are going to hand your money to are the best you possibly can find and ultimately will deliver you something you can be totally happy with.

Below, we look at the most important things that we believe are essential that you take into account before choosing your web design company to deliver your new website or project.

Think About Location – We believe that using a local web design company is a must if you really want to make sure that your website is delivered on time and to a very high quality. We speak from experience when we say that by using a local company you can remain on top of the project much more efficiently and having someone your can physically go and see if there are issues really is worth its weight in gold.

Ask Them For A Quote – Everyone has a budget so make sure you set yours from the outset and then contact a few web design companies for a quote. If they are well outside of your budget then it is often not worth making yourself bankrupt just to afford it. In this situation you have two choices, reduce your specification or choose a web design firm that fits your budget a bit better than the others.

Check Out Their Portfolio – A web design company should have a portfolio of work; a good web design company should have a great portfolio of work. Look at their website and then spend time checking out their previously completed projects. Make sure you like what they do and that they have a good variation of projects and good design skills, but just because you do not see something you would choose does not mean they are not any good, you need to concentrate on how good their previous designs are and how well the sites work.

Read / Request A List Of Testimonials – People love to tell the world if they have found someone good and worth working with, a web design company is no different. Check through their testimonials and request permission to contact some of the previous clients directly, many firms will allow you to do this and it is absolutely vital you do so. NEVER be embarrassed to check out how good they really are by making that phone call.

Optimised Or Just Good Looking? – A good looking website does not equal a successful website. Having something pretty and flash does not mean you will have loads of visitors making enquires and landing on your site. A good website is an optimised and ranking website, just like a high street shop is only successful if you have the visitors making the purchases within.

Meet With Them – And finally, where possible, go and meet them. There is nothing you can do that is more important than sitting down and meeting the people who will be in charge of your website. Whether you are spending £500 or £5000, you need to trust the people that are ultimately in charge of making sure your website is going to deliver something you will be proud of and above all, be successful.

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