No Mobile Website? Your business is losing customers

Mobile phones are changing the way we search online. If you don’t have a mobile website then potential customers looking for your business will go to your competitor.

Over the next year every business will need to have a mobile friendly version of their website. I know that is a bold statement but if you don’t have a website that is readable on a smartphone then you are giving your competition your business. The statistics show that 60% of users of mobile phones looking for a business are more likely to go to a competitor and even worse is that 40% will never come back to your website. Can you afford to lose this revenue from mobile phone customers?

Recent research into the use of smartphones and tablets predicts that mobile searches will overtake desktop searches in 2013. Mobile searches have QUADRUPLED in the last year and this means that if one of your friends used their mobile device last year to search for something…today it’s FOUR of your friends.

Today one in 3 Mobile searches are local. That means if you put 100 consumers doing mobile searches in a room-33 of them are searching for local businesses! So if your site is mobile friendly it is more than likely to be found, especially if used in conjunction with Google places pages.

And it is not just local businesses that are benefiting from mobile phone searches. Jeff Bezos from Amazon states that “In the last twelve months, customers around the world have ordered more than $1 Billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device or Tablet

Social media is also used more on the go. Facebook on mobile is now 44% of Facebook users. And Twitter is higher with 55% of all active Twitter users are on mobile.

From our own research we can see that Google has a different index for mobile websites. It looks like Google is dropping from results delivered to smartphone users any website that does not have a mobile version of their site. So expect to never make page one in google if you do not have a mobile friendly site.

So what do you do if you do not have a mobile friendly site? You need to contact a website design company that has experience in mobile website design. There are important criteria that needs to be taken into consideration. It needs to be:-


  • The correct size to be viewed in a mobile screen
  • Compliant across all the main mobile platforms
  • Small file size for quick download – you customer is paying for data downloads
  • Easy click buttons to call you
  • A map and location finder – especially if you are a shop or restaurant.
  • The site should automatically redirect to the mobile version of the site


Choose carefully the website design company and check they have already designed and delivered good quick mobile websites – don’t forget to try it on your own mobile phone! So don’t get left behind – get a mobile friendly website today before you lose any more customers.