What is Mobilegeddon and how will it affect your business?

Dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by the SEO industry, Google’s latest mobile update was rolled out last week. The concept is extremely simple; if your website isn’t deemed mobile friendly then it won’t rank well in Google’s mobile search results.

How important is it to be ranked highly in the mobile search?

This answer to this question varies depending entirely on the type of business or service you provide, but for most, it’s very important. 50-60% of searches are now performed on mobile devices, with that number predicted to keep on rising every year. Ranking badly in these search results means the majority of people searching will struggle to find your site on the first or second pages of google.

The more location-dependent your business, the more important mobile search becomes. Shops, pubs and restaurants should be aware that their site’s traffic could be severely impacted now the update has come into effect. Searching “Gloucester Pubs” will yield location based results, with mobile friendly sites being given priority, this could lead to lost business.


What to do if your site is not mobile friendly

You can test whether your website is mobile friendly via the Google test tool (https://www.google.co.uk/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/), if it isn’t (and you’re rather tech-savvy), here are some change you can make to your site to keep it in Google’s good books.

  • If you’re using WordPress, make sure the theme you use is responsive/mobile friendly, this means your site will look good on Desktop and will change to become easy to use on a mobile if opened.
  • Font size – If Google deems your site’s font to be too small to be readable, you’ll be penalised. Use a base font size of 16 pixels and adjust the size as needed based on properties of the font size being used.
  • Awkward touch elements – If the clickable boxes are too close together on your site, people will struggle to accurately select them on a small mobile device. This can also get you penalised. Google recommends that important tap targets should be at least 48 pixels tall/wide. If they’re smaller than this, they need additional spacing.


If none of that made any sense to you, it may be worth calling a design agency to have it done professionally.

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