Common Mistakes People Make With Their Website

First time creators of their own website all tend to make similar mistakes. The basic mistake is that they will completely over complicate everything and there is absolutely no need too.

Common Mistakes People Make With Their WebsiteSo starting with the homepage, a common mistake here is that too much information is sprawled across one page. Despite the illusion that the more detail you put on; the less time a visitor will take in clicking through various drop down lists, this is wrong. By having too much on the opening page, it can ultimately scare people away. The homepage should be clear, concise and simple; it should promote exactly what you are selling or whatever opinion or view you are creating the website for.

The homepage should contain only important and vital information, for instance contact details and what the site does. It’s also important to put all this information above the fold, as usually a common mistake is to appear rather fancy on top and then leave all the necessities behind.

Another mistake that tends to be made is the insistent over use of colour and fonts that are just too unclear. The website will be pointless if Google or other search engines do not recognise it, and they will be unable to read the writing if it is ‘too much’. Another thing search engines cannot read is flash and images, these take a lot of time to load which of course results in a slower website. Now despite looking relatively impressive and pretty, this will appear to search engines that you do not have much or any content on your website. This is so important to make sure that the content is written clearly and completely unique in order to achieve some success.

A popular mistake regarding content is that people don’t always hire a content writer or go direct to an agency; they usually use templates of other peoples work and change a few words. This is a complete waste of time as the search engines will recognise that the words are elsewhere and not even visit the site again, rendering it pointless.

In order to avoid major mistakes when creating a website, it is probably best to go direct through a web design agency or company. These will specialise on every part of your website that will aid in its success, from content to search engine optimisation; by placing your website into their hands; you no longer have the worry.