Check Your Brand Name On Social Media Websites

Is your Social Media brand name available? Are you not even sure what social media is? Social Media is getting to be one of the most important marketing tools for business today. And at the forefront of your campaign should be your brand or business name. For readers new to Social Media, we are going to start by finding out if your brand name is available. Sometimes it is already hijacked by cybersquatters. These are people who register a name without using it, mainly to make a profit.

So what is Social Media? Wikipedia says that it is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques – social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues. Basically it a way for billions of people on the internet to have of conversations online 24/7.

Basic Rules – Its not as simple as putting your message on social media sites and wait for customers find their way to your site. There are some basic rules business need to follow to be successful on social media – Listen : Engage : Measure.

We are going to cover these topics in depth in further articles but this is about getting started and the first is to see if your brand or business name is available. This can be done by finding each of the social media sites in a search engine and going onto the site and trying to sign up for an account. But there is an easier way to check them all in one place.

The site to do this is called Namechk ( Go onto the site , enter your brand or business name in the search box and the site goes and checks the availability of your name. If after running the check you find there are sites you do not have accounts with your name or used by others. You can then click on the name of the sites and sign up. You now can really get started on spreading your brand across the internet and interacting with your clients.

But what if my brand or business name are taken by a cybersquatter? Well don’t panic it can be recovered. Take for example Twitter. If your name is taken, then you can use a location or underscore to generate a new account name. For instance Net9design could be Net9_Design or Net9designGlos. If the account name you want is taken but unused by the user, Twitter will allow the name to be reassigned to you. But you need to contact them and follow their instruction to prove your case.