Google Caffeine – what does it mean for my website?

Google has recently made a major  change to the way it builds its website index with the announcement of Google Caffeine, but what is it all about? And what does this mean for my website search results in Google?

Google Search engine CaffeineWhen you use a search engine such as Google you are actually searching through the index of websites they have built, its just a big database. You may have heard of search engine spiders or robots that crawl through websites looking for pages? Well this is the way that the Google looks at the content on your website. Content has long been king on the Internet, the better quality it is and the more that gets added means that your website can see a major increase in website traffic, especially if you are writing about current trends related to your websites industry.

“So how will Google Caffeine affect my website?”
The whole reason for Google changing was to enable them to offer its users the most current content available, what this means that you will now be able to access blogs, tweets, news and videos faster than before. This allows you the user to get up to the minute information pretty much as it happens which will make using the web more of a live experience.

Now more than ever there is a need to provide regular information and news on your own website, social media elements such as Twitter and Facebook will also count towards your search result a lot more. For example, if you tweet on Twitter about something that is current, users will be able to access this in search results a lot easier than ever before. Quality current content is so important so things such as videos are going to be an essential items on your website. Video blogging will now be spidered or found as you upload it so setting up a Youtube channel is of paramount importance.

There are now many websites out there that are ready for this new way of searching by having established blogs, videos and social media accounts, however there are also many that are not. There are still lots of websites that have been stuck in the old ways for a long time, still the same from their original launch, never being updated with new content and just plain boring for users. These type of websites will not benefit from the way the web is changing today.

So to ensure that your own website benefits from Google’s index changes is by making sure you have the following:

An integrated website blog
This must be part of your websites structure and navigation not an external site that just looks the same e.g., Blogspot.

Social media accounts
Twitter and Facebook are king, these should be linked up directly to your own website. A Facebook page is best for the search engines because there is no login area to block the spiders getting access. Then Search engines find your Facebook page so it gets a greater chance of your content being found and indexed.

Youtube channel
When you create a Youtube channel and embed the videos  into your website, you give users an interactive multimedia experience. Videos are best when they are simple and a little rough round the edges; don’t be tempted to invest lots of money on expensive equipment or on a company making a professional video for you. Users want to see the real you and the real business that you run.

Google Caffeine will change the way users search for their content, letting them find content as it happens. To make sure that your website is ready you need make sure that you have all the above in place, if you haven’t already done it, don’t worry it isn’t too late and also if all of this sounds foreign to you, then contact a reputable SEO or web design company who will be more than pleased to help future proof your website.