How Does the Right Content Affect Your Rankings?

The perfect kind of traffic to your website will cost you nothing. Off page Search Engine Optimisation is a method of improving your websites rankings; by building quality on theme backlinks. It is important that the links stem from relevant or similar sites to your own. By building poor quality backlinks from spam or irrelevant sites, it may have a detrimental effect on your rankings. This is due to the recent Penguin update.

how does the right content affect your rankingsNow off-page search engine optimisation is achieved solely by building anchor text rich backlinks from relevant content written. These links should always stem back to the relevant pages on your website. There are a variety of different ways to obtain these links, such as from content on a forum or posts on a blog. The keyword or phrase anchor text needs to be repeated and clearly accessible by Google so that it can be placed in a local directory. This will also allow for more and more visitors to your website as you will be a registered site, have information linked back from various websites and will ultimately allow for your website to rank higher.

In regards to content for your website, it is just as important off page as on! Third party articles containing backlinks will boost site rankings drastically. The content can be as specific or ‘out there’ as you like. As long as it contains at least some relevance and links back to your website; you have the freedom to appeal to a wider audience through various themed articles.

Press releases are also an excellent way to increase the exposure of your site, whether you are promoting an idea or selling a product. A good press release will expose your website to the media and supply you with, if done well, tons of free publicity.

Now the use of H1 tags and content is absolutely vital. These tags will be what the search engines will read in order to recognise exactly what your site is about. The content below must be short and clear and basically expand from what the title tag has already stated in a nutshell. If search engines are able to clearly read the H1 tags and the content, and also if there is a recurring theme throughout your website, Google for example will notify this and drive any searches towards your site.

Content is essential, It must be unique, interesting and be clearly written to your desired target audience.