We provide two types of training to help you maintain your website.

WordPress Training

wordpress trainingWordPress is an excelent and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) for your website. We provide on-site training for one to eight people. Once installed we can create templates for you to do the follwing:-

Learn the difference between WordPress Pages and Posts?

Learn how to write a post to create your own content in WordPress

Learn what are WordPress Categories and how To add a category

Learn how to use WordPress Tags in your Blog Posts

Learn how to insert photos or images into WordPress Posts and Pages

Learn how to create pages as content for your WordPress website

Please phone 01452 500000 or email us at info@net9design.com/ for more information regarding our WordPress Training and the prices for this, which depends on how many users need to be trained in most cases.

Contribute Training

Macromedia Contribute TrainingIs Your Website Out of Date?

Cost too much to update?

Want to take control?

Don’t know where to start?

• Keep your website up to date

• Save thousands of pounds

• Easy to use as MS Word

• You don’t need to be a programmer

Today the Internet has become a crucial part of your ‘marketing mix’ where your site is the first point of contact your customers have.

So what does it say about you when they look at your site and find it 2 years out of date? Maybe it strteched your budget to set up the site and now you cannot afford a web designer to update it? Or you would like to do it yourself but don’t know how to use HTML.

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