What Makes A Good Blog And Why You Should Bother

Blogs – on the wider web landscape they’re as old as the hills and abundant as berries in the springtime. As such, it’s understandable that so many online business owners react with surprise and often a little scepticism when told that in terms of web marketing, blogs are still among the most powerful tools on Earth.

Why Such Value?

What it is that makes a blog so valuable? Well, summed up in a nutshell it’s the way in which this simple added feature satisfies a whole world of criteria in terms of both target audience desires and Search Engine Optimisation.

As far as your target market is concerned, a strong business blog represents nothing less than the ideal reason to come back time and time again in order to find out what’s new. When you prove yourself as a source of knowledge for the niche or sector you’re in, your reputation and authority both grow…big time. Site visitors are impressed with your knowledge, they come back frequently and advise others to do the same. And what’s more, the way in which a blog can open up a two-way channel of communication for conversation and discussion is simply unique – get your target market involved in the discussion and engagement comes as standard.

But it’s not only about the end-user’s experience either as blogs play a massive role in SEO efforts. These days, it’s impossible to please Google by trying to appeal to its fancies with things like keywords, backlinks and other old-school tactics alone. The reason being that the major search engines are now looking at content above and beyond all else – genuine, authoritative, relevant, current and unique content. A blog by its very nature sees all of these boxes ticked each and every time a new post is made, leaving you with a site that’s being permanently updated and kept right on the pulse of the niche you’re in – pure gold with Google.

Blogging Basics

Of course this is all well and good, but considering the fact that there are tens of millions of blogs already up and running, how can you make sure yours hits home? The logistics of starting a blog are simple – it’s a bit like adding a blank sheet of paper to your website and arming yourself with a pen. What matters is the content you feature on your blog and the way you go about it, which can seem like a bit of a foreboding prospect at first but soon becomes second nature.

There are certain tips to follow on the subject of blogging basics no matter what industry you happen to be in, which include the following:

  • Consistency – Whatever you decide to post, it’s of crucial importance to make sure you post often and consistently.
  • Usefulness – The very best information of all is that which is of at least some use to readers. From tips to news to guides to anything else they can actually use, this is guaranteed to keep them coming back.
  • Invite Comments – By inviting comments, you not only get a good look into what your readers are thinking, but also get even more new, fresh and relevant content added to your site 100% free of charge!
  • Relevance – It’s ok to go a little outside your usual niche confines, but be careful not to go off on too much of a tangent. The last thing you want to do is lose the interest of those you’ve already won over.
  • Uniqueness – Creating winning content isn’t always possible as it’s not as if you yourself can go out and make industry news alone. However, there’s nothing wrong with content curation just as long as you make sure you put a wholly unique twist on it – anything else is purely pointless.
  • Easy Access – There’s really nothing more off-putting for consumers these days than a blog or really anything else they’re only allowed to take a look at if they first sign up for an account. 90% of your site’s visitors might not want to bother, so don’t take the risk of alienating them all.
  • Scruples – If you decide to voice your opinion, and as well you should, never fall into the trap of then going against prior comments in future posts. You need to be willing to stick to your guns, so it’s really never a good idea to say anything you don’t genuinely believe in.
  • Variety – Last but not least, a blog with nothing but block after block of unbroken text looks about as appealing as day-old toast. You don’t want to get too carried away with flashy visuals and videos of course, but at the same time variety is very much the spice of life…and successful blogging!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to business blog Nirvana.