Top Five Things To Do When You Launch Your Website

Launching a new website for many people is a really exciting time, usually the completion of many months of designing, managing and then finally testing, ready for your new found fame on the Internet. Sadly, getting people to actually see your site is the hardest thing you will face when it comes to online success, but there are certain things you can do to get things moving in the right direction when you have launched your new site.

Below, we take a look at our top five things that you really should consider when you launch your new website.


Add To Webmasters Tools – Google, Yahoo and Bing all offer powerful webmaster control panels which means that once you have confirmed you own the website, you can start getting information about how these powerhouses see your website and more importantly you can start letting them know that you are out there. The days of submitting websites to search engines are practically over, thankfully replaced with much more methodical methods such as webmaster tools.


Release A Press Release – Press releases are a fantastic way of getting your site indexed quickly, especially if you try a service that can get your release into all of the big news sites like Google News etc. Not only will the engines then start picking up the fact that your site is now around and ready to go, but you will also start earning useful links back to your site from many different news sources, especially if the press release gets picked up by multiple sources.


Tweet And Publish – Start your Twitter and Facebook accounts and begin the journey on the rewarding social media road, by getting loyal followers who will follow you and read all of your content on a regular basis. Twitter and Facebook can provide instant access to millions of people across the world and these are often also relevant and related people, meaning that this is an excellent method to not only getting traffic but also getting specifically interested visitors.


Run A Small PPC Campaign – No matter how small or large your budget, we believe that you really should be running a cost per click campaign, as once again this is a good way of getting the early traffic to your site and to start letting people know about your new offering. If you spend time making sure your campaign is well optimised, you can squeeze a lot of traffic out of any budget, it just takes time and effort and to make sure you keep your eye on it consistently.


Write Some Articles – By writing articles and then going through the article submission process, to sites like EzineArticles and GoArticles, you will start getting links back from powerful and authority sites and at the same time you will also get exposure and visits to your site from people that like your articles and writing styles. Article publishing is a key factor to getting increased traffic and links back, so make sure you spend time writing unique and compelling content to start driving those visits to your website.