Web Design and SEO – Why Both Are So Important When Launching a New Site

Web design and search engine optimisation are both hugely important parts of developing and launching a successful website.

However, you can’t expect success without both of them being used in tandem. In reality, SEO is a branch of web design, because it while the majority of web design is focused on providing a great aesthetic and practical user experience, SEO is focused on making that great user experience apparent to search algorithms, as well as making the overall quality and value of the website apparent. Really it’s just two sides of the same coin, making a great quality site for both users and making that apparent to search algorithms to guarantee a great ranking. Search engines are focused on promoting great quality, non-spam, user friendly websites, so great website design is crucial to increasing SEO potential overall.

The best ranking websites you find are generally built from the ground-up with search engine optimisation in mind, as ground up built sites generally perform better. There’s only so much you can do to optimise search rankings after a website has launched. On top of this it’s actually cheaper and quicker to focus on search engine optimisation earlier on in the process, as it melds two crucial tasks into one quicker whole that’ll end up with you paying for less specialist work. There’s a huge overlap in ranking factors between web design and search engine optimisation, so doing them together just makes sense.

The best thing about integrating web design and SEO is that the end product is not just a better ranking site, but that it was cheaper to produce. If you were to take the traditional route, and hire a web designer to produce a pretty, user friendly site, then have to hire a specialist search engine optimisation company to get good rankings, not only is it going to be much slower, but it’s also going to end up costing substantially more, due to the fact that you’re going to be hiring more people, for longer. The fact is, the sooner your site is launched, active and functioning, the sooner you can start profiting from it. Any delays cost you money is a variety of ways, so it really just makes sense to give equal credence, and combine them, at this early level.

Another key reason you should give equal precedence to both SEO and web design is that, simply put, a website cannot succeed with one but not the other. If you take a fantastically designed, structured and attractive website, and launch it with zero SEO work done, it will instantly be buried in page number fourteen on a Google search, and if you’re not on page one, you’re nowhere. Conversely, if you have a terrible site, with ugly formatting and awkward functionality, but no expense spared search engine optimisation efforts have been made, it’ll still do badly, as users respond to the poor design and website. If you want a successful site, you need to utilise an elegant combination of the two, ideally from a ground-up style build. Only through that can you expect steady quality results.

It’s always better to approach any website build from an SEO perspective, as well as web design, because it allows for base level search engine optimisation efforts to be made, which can save a lot of effort later on. Simple SEO techniques utilised at a basic level will be more effective than costly and high-effort techniques post launch. Quality and ranking signals built into the very DNA of the website will look fantastic to any search engine algorithm’s examining the site, and the rewards should be quick to come!

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