A Host Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas – Things To Consider When Choosing Your Web Host

If you have a website that you are looking to find a new host for or if you have a new site ready to go live and face its public, you simply must spend time researching a massively important factor in any website – who you host it with. Many people over look the importance of choosing a good host, often going for the cheapest one, which is often a bad mistake when things go wrong or you find out the hosting package is not adequate for your needs.

Below, we look at what we feel is important when it comes to choosing the right host for your website and business.

Location – One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a host is to make sure their servers are located in the country that your website is meant to be aimed at. For example, if your website is simply for people of the UK, make sure you choose a hosting company that is based in the UK and also has its servers in the same country, as one of the ranking factors is the location of where the website is hosted in correlation to the person searching.

Price – Choosing the cheapest host is often not the right thing to do, as if you are going to go for something that seems stupidly under priced then you could find the hosting company lacking the required technology or service support. Choose something that seems reasonable and well structured and you can find many comparison websites on the Internet which ranks the hosts and their prices, so do your research before you splash the cash for a year.

Features – Depending on your website, you may need more features than another website, so it’s important you know what you need and then go looking for it. FTP access, control panel access and webmail are three of the main things we think all customers should have access to. It’s also important to make sure their email systems allow you to have access to your mail on your smart phone, as even in this day and age some firms still do not have this functionality.

Reputation – The Internet has done many amazing things and one of the most important is to allow people and users, customers and clients to leave honest feedback about millions of different products, services and customers, and hosting firms do not escape this critique. There are a few popular hosting review websites, just search in Google for “web hosting reviews” to find these, and make sure you have a good look at the hosting companies you might be considering and the reviews that people have left of them.

Support – From time to time things are inevitably going to go wrong, so you need to make sure you choose a host that offers 24 hour support via a method of communication that suits you. Location also comes into this as you should really be choosing a host located in your country, as you might waste valuable up time by waiting for them to respond if outside of your time zone. There are both online and offline publications where people can review their hosting experiences so it is vital you spend time researching how well your host will react to any problems you might encounter.