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Having a website is one thing, but getting it seen by the thousands of potential customers online is another, which is why Net 9 Design offer a range of proven and effective online marketing methods, bring you not just more visitors, but targeted visitors.

Online marketing is probably a phrase you have heard mentioned many times, with emails and phone calls every day offering to get you top of Google or improve your rankings, but when it comes to using a company that can deliver on the promises we make, Net 9 Design are your local business partner for online marketing, as not only do we get results, but we are on top of the industry trends and will make sure your business is as well.

Online marketing is about getting your business seen online, with the end result to get you more customers through your website, via a range of traditional and the more modern marketing options. We do not just concentrate on rankings or traffics, we concentrate on getting you leads, because traffic is often pure vanity, whilst results are what makes us different to many other firms offering the same services.

Our online marketing services consist of:

Digital Marketing

We are optimisation experts, having worked with hundreds of websites to not only improve rankings, but to make sure the rankings we targeted will actually deliver the right results. Our digital marketing services include SEO, Google My Business and Social Media management, offering the perfect combination to get your business seen online.

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Paid Advertising

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are all Pay Per Click platforms that can deliver your company more sales and more business, and Net 9 Design are experts across the field, offering full set up, management and optimisation services for your business to get more leads from Paid Advertising.

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Marketing Consultancy

Understanding the world of online and digital marketing can be a tough nut to crack if you are not constantly working in the industry, which is why we offer full consultancy services which offer an overall marketing review, plans of action, suggestions and ways to make sure that even if you have an in-house team, they can be more effective.

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Email Marketing

If you have a customer base of emails that you are simply not utilising, we offer the full solution, from email design through to managing the send for you, offering your business its own mailing system which is fully compliant and ready to start communicating with your customers, keeping your brand firmly in their minds.

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Online Games

Online games are not only a fantastic way to keep people coming to your site and thinking of your company, but from a branding point of view, the right game or engaging facility can increase sales, as long as you get this just right, which is where we come in, having developed games for large, national companies in the UK.

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App Development

Apps are a fantastic and often cost effective way of keeping your customers informed about your business, including apps for sending push notifications, special offers or simply just a way of letting the world know what is going on with your company. We develop apps across all of the major operating systems.

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